Saturday, February 11, 2023


An exhibition of Rone's art is being hosted in the dilapidated Flinders Street Station ballroom. It hasn't received much in the way of advertising but word of mouth has seen the exhibition being very successful. All tickets for this month are sold out and it has been since it opened in October last year.

There was a small display of his work set up at the Arts Centre. It was worth a bit of a squiz. Photography conditions were hardly ideal, sorry.

Friday, February 10, 2023

Friday Funny

I have published this before, a clip featuring Mrs Slocombe's rather common 'daughter'. While Mrs Slocombe was always concerned about her pussy, her 'daughter' finds much funniness in a children's book about cats. Oh dear. I fear my moderator will not approve.

Thursday, February 9, 2023

Freedom to Freedom from

For all its faults, I think the US can be judged as the greatest country on our planet. In so many areas it leads the world. 

We outsiders love to take the country down a peg or two but we only do that to somewhere superior. Guns and health care really puzzle those outside the country, and why doesn't the US look to the country to the north where there is a kinder society.  Although we've only visited New York, thanks to bloggers and the internet I have a pretty good idea what the rest of the country is like.


The subject line came to me from somewhere on the internet and I think a few words can be very salient. 

'From the US, The Freedom to...

From Europe, The Freedom from...'

Think about it.

Wednesday, February 8, 2023


Or call it Divorcelands or Cocklands. No one can say it has been a successful development. It is barren, windswept and soulless.  Admittedly the figures are a couple of years old, but by water meter records, there are many empty apartments in the high rise apartment towers. 

A tram destination says Waterfront City. It is a shopping centre with some shops selling seconds from major brands. The big wheel that gave a terrific view of a railway docks area fell apart and closed. It was rebuilt but it has closed again as no one is fond of the view of railway yards. Many shops are empty. The food outlets are very ordinary. Lively? Not, no matter how much is spent on things to attract crowds such as ice rinks, art displays, performances, a Sunday Market and fireworks.

I caught a Collins Street tram to the nearby Victoria Harbour, still part of the Docklands development and while it was a bit quiet, this newer part had a much better feel to it for me. It made good connections to the river. I told R about it and he would like to see for himself.

The development area is has not reached completion.

Cars in cities can be a curse but in a place like this, they add to environment.

I think this is for pumping out small boat sewerage tanks.

Still a work n progress but it felt far more pleasant and interesting than the original Docklands.

Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Dog Wars

I sent this to Ex Sis in Law, E being her ex husband.

I meant to ask you if you had seen E's post of his bleeding hand after a play encounter with Dog. Before Christmas we were at G's and E and Dog were there, with E fixing G's spouting. Dog was on a very long leash allowing her to roam the backyard. I was in the middle of the back yard and Dog jumped at me, very excited for no reason and would not stop. I was scared and no dog has ever scared me. I knew to put my hand up to her face to block her, but you can't do that when she is playfully attacking you up on her hind legs gripping you with her front legs. I turned around and went inside. If she did that to Mum, she could have been knocked over. As for your grands, it is unthinkable. It could have been you or W. The playful strong jumping up was so unprovoked. Now Dog has drawn blood from her Master. Unless she is on a short tied leash, no one should be in the company of Dog. She cannot be trusted at all.

Yes, of course I am going to have a word with E.

I did have a word with Tradie Brother. Coincidence or not, he and Dog were with a professional dog trainer last Sunday. It is very difficult having a large and powerful dog who cannot hear. I think Dog at least must learn to never jump up to anyone.

Monday, February 6, 2023

A Blaze

Oh dear. The fire seemed closer and last night I wasn't able to find out what structure was alight. This morning it is being reported that a Buddhist temple in Springvale South has been destroyed by fire.

Monday Mural

I'm joining with Sami and others for Monday Murals.

These were on hoardings around the Metro Underground Rail construction site for the Christmas period. I didn't really look at them as I quickly snapped them. They aren't half bad and rather fun murals. The tops of them are loose and sparkle with a breeze and sunlight. The hoardings are now displaying Aboriginal art.

Sunday, February 5, 2023

Sunday Selections

Joining with Elephant's Child and River for Sunday Selections.

Bits of plastic jewellery stuck to a table in Prahran Square. Quite cute really. 

Artistic photo of  a bunch of roses?

Architect: I think we should put a walkable ledge along the lowest level of this flat block. 
Junior Architect: Great idea Sir. I'll add it to the plans.

Yeah, terrific idea to give those with bad intent ready access via the ledge to the windows, hence the need for grills.

So beautiful then and so ugly now with stalks of corn and other such crap for some religious harvest thing.

Given the next bus stop from this one is the terminus, I wonder why a shelter would be needed and would anyone actually catch the bus for one stop. Speaking of men in dresses, I saw three in one day a couple of weeks ago. They are young and don't look particularly gay. Just a phase they go through I suppose.

Today (don't mention the gay word) is Pride March day in St Kilda, Melbourne as our Midsumma Festival ends. This is the second year where an artist has won a design award to decorate a Pride tram and it is applied and remains until it is removed the following year.

A bump down below.

A curious structure I recall seeing when on Sandringham bound train.

Window Wankers

Some of you may remember me complaining about the apartment occupants to my immediate front having their windows open, well mostly the one a...