Saturday, January 27, 2024

Having a laugh

After yesterday, I needed a laugh. Australia Day was worse than I thought and has been underreported by tv media, at least. 

Apparently there are a few words Scots find very difficult to say and they are especially hard for Glaswegians. I read that somewhere and then I was down the proverbial rabbit hole. I learnt rather a lot about the origins of Scottish and it was quite interesting. But you know me, in one ear and out the other.  Now I have to learn how to insert TikTok clips. 

Google tells me these phrases are difficult for Scots, but I can't see why. "Purple Burglar Alarm", is a well-known one that often trips up anyone with a Scottish accent.

While the second and less known one is "Irish Wrist Watch". The rabbit hole tells me it is about one of the origins of Scottish. Ryan is quite entertaining.  I can see how young people get addicted to TikTok. Of course his looks, charm and humour have nothing to do with my interest. 

In case the clip doesn't work,

I watched this TikTok by Ryan too. This one is based on the word beaver and is rather cheap humour but I think the word beaver with a certain meaning crosses The Atlantic. If you are easily offended by cheap smut, please watch the clip and then express your outrage. I am sure Matilda Murgatroyd Municman from Upper Kombuctor West will make her views known.

Friday, January 26, 2024

Divisive Day

Well, I am supposed to  say Happy Australia Day I guess, but I really don't feel like it. The day no longer instills any pride in me for my country on the day I may have once quietly be very glad to be born in. It has become such a divisive day, I just don't want to hear any more about it. 

Without doubt it needs to be moved to a day that's agreeable to most of our indigenous population To those who will never accept a celebration of the day, I don't blame you. It was an invasion, the general mistreatment, the massacres, yes, I know all about it but it was quite a long time ago now and now I can only say, tough titties. We are here and we don't belong anywhere else.

I am certainly not going to speak to my jingoistic Tradie Brother today. He may well be hosting a barbeque to celebrate, where people will drink too much. 

Thankfully I've only heard of two of the deplorables on the radio, and the second one was a conservative politician, declaring we are the greatest country in world. The former who said the same may be ignorant and needs to travel more to see what the rest of the world does better than we in Australia do, and the politician was just being a politician.

Happy Republic Day to India.

Meanwhile in Melbourne some have made there displeasure at the day of 'celebrations known by public vandalism.

Queen Vicky's visage must have been extra grumpy looking after she was spray painted with metaphorical blood. 

It was quite an achievement to chop down Captain Cook at the ankles with an angle grinder, even if they had the wrong culprit. Blame Governor Phillip of the Colony of New South Wales who led the First Fleet from England with ships full of Prisoners of His/Her Majesty.

And as one wag described it on Twitter, what could be more Australian on Australian Day than being passed out and flat on your face in a public park   

Would you like a little Aussie music on this day? There are a few I could choose from but this'll do. 

Thursday, January 25, 2024

What's for dinner?

The last photo should give it away. The air fryer normally sits to the left in the corner but is moved closer to the exhaust fan for its workout.

Funnily when we last saw Hippie Niece the subject must have arisen and she said 'I bet you like different mint sauces. One of you likes sweet mint jelly and one likes tradition mint sauce'. She was quite correct. Take a guess at who prefers which. 

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Point Lonsdale and spider alert

I've never mentioned exactly where Sister and Bone, Doctor and Jo live and it is Point Lonsdale in the Borough of Queenscliffe. The only other town in Queenscliffe is Queenscliff, where we stayed at Christmas. The e is not errant. Pt Lonny is full of wealthy older folk along with comfortable younger people of a similar age to Sister. As a married dyke couple with a sixteen year old daughter, they are well knitted into the accepting local community. Even when walking the dog at the beach one day, someone asked who I was while walking Sister's dog. 

This visit we were looking after Sister's cats and dog and staying in their home. We know the dog Fuzzy Coco very well, the sister cats not at all. They were very wary and from what I later worked out, they spent much more time outside in the initial days of our visit but quickly became used to us and then tried to take advantage. I asked Sister to write down explicit feeding directions and she did. 

Dry food in the morning for the cats, wet food and dry in the evening. Dog, wet food and dry food morning and evening, plus an evening pill. 

When we had cats we would never allow them up onto a table or kitchen benches. We quickly understood this was not Sister's practice with the cats. They were quite used to sitting on the dining room table and harassing us at the kitchen sink when preparing their food, and the dog's food. I fed them when I rose at 7 and when R rose after 9, they tried to convince us they had not been fed, with lots of nagging behaviour. 

The cats did amuse us but I've decided I am more of a dog person. Dogs are more like men. I understand them and it was pointless to shout at Coco after she opened the rubbish bin and spread rubbish all over the floor just to have a lick at food containers.

Monday we visited Fire Fighting Nephew and his wife in Torquay kind of on our way to Point Lonsdale it was lovely to see their four year old daughter and the 18 month old twin boys. The family is moving. They bought their off the plan two bedroom apartment about five years ago for $625 in a prime location, now worth about $1.2. They have housing options open to them. Two bedrooms and one bathroom are not enough for a family of five nowadays and I appreciate how difficult it is to take such young children out on your own. With a single standing house, they will have space to run and play. 

We settled into Sister's, and with a balmy evening and we sat outside under the grape vine to have our take away Point Lonsdale fish and chips. As I don't blog when on holidays, R doesn't cook.

Tuesday was cheap food and coffee for brunch from a kiosk at Queenscliff Beach. We went on to the ferry port and were prepared to use the stairs to climb to the top of the viewing area. Oh, what a shame, the stairs were closed due to high winds and we were forced to use the lift. 

That evening we dined at the Shelter Shed, dining like we rarely have before. The Shelter Shed is not cheap but the service and food are excellent, and the hydrangeas we saw when we brunched there at Christmas were still looking good.  

I didn't take many photos but a few on the first day.

R was alerted by a paw sticking out that a cat was within the cupboard under the bathroom basin. There is a white blob slightly to the left above the blue towel. 

At Fire Fighting Nephew's place, there is a bush land park across the street, but it was locked off by padlocked  gates. Outrageous. 

Sister's place comes with local wildlife, including ants, mosquitos and mice (gift from a cat). This is the kitchen window. 

Queenscliff Beach at low tide is like an enclosed bathing area. Shark proof.

The cabin where my late mother stayed for Sister's and Bone Doctor's wedding,  the cabin paid for by Sister, overlooking the beach in the photo above.

It really was such a shame the stairs were closed and we had use the lift to get up top. You believe me, don't you? 

The Sorrento ferry.

The marina.

The black lighthouse in the distance.

Queenscliff Pier.

The impressive ferry terminal with a restaurant within.

Oreo quickly liked us. Her sister Athena took a little longer. 

It seems there is no rule to what spirit or liqueur comes with your affogato. In this case it was Frangelico. That worked. Our fellow diners came close to cheering when our affogatos were brought out. That's strong coffee in the glass to the right.

More soon.

Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Retired swimmer champ

Australian Olympic swimmer Mack Horton is retiring. In my best imitation of Dame Maggie Smith at her most haughtiest in The Importance of Being Ernest, he leaves swimming to work at an ADVERTISING AGENCY. Ah well, each to their own.

What I do like about Mack Horton is that he refused to stand on a dais when a later proven Chinese drug cheat winner Sun Yang was on the dais. Mack made a significant change to the world beyond

Good onya laddie, for both your prowess and moral stand. 

Rekindled memories

Janice of Jabblog posted about old children's tv memories, along with more modern tv shows. Her post stimulated my memory of childhood times and when we used to look after our great niece Jo. Memories of Pepper the Pig, Tro Tro, and a song I remember vividly, Pizza, pizza. I love da make da pizza. 

Felix the Cat was one of my favourite tv shows. For some reason I thought it was made in Japan but it seems not. It was made in the US. But wait, it has Japanese origins from the silent movie period. I does me research.

'Felix, Felix the wonderful wonderful cat. Whenever he gets into a fix, he reaches into his bag of tricks'.

We had the locally made Zig and Zag show, which was great. To our grandfather, 'Pop, get us home by 6 to watch Zig and Zag'. Sadly one of them turned out to be a pedo.

I was eight years old before we had a television set and what a fine piece of furniture it was. Functionally, vastly inferior to the screens we now watch. I think some Disney tv shows could be seen, such as Micky Mouse etc. 

Was it late 60s or 70s when tv really came into its own when there were terrific shows such as from Britain, On the Buses, The Rag Trade, Love thy Neighbour (odd that it doesn't appear on YouTube), so many I can't remember.

The US gave us Gilligan's Island, Green Acres, The Flintstones, The Jetsons, Lost in Space, My Mother the Car, Leave it to Beaver, My Favourite Martian, The Second Hundred Years?, Petticoat Junction, Rin Tin Tin, The Littlest Hobo, Bonanza, Gunsmoke, The Rifleman, The Lone Ranger, William Tell and Robin Hood. I'm sure I've left some out. 

I enjoyed the innocence of my youth. Maybe some of this stimulated your memories or maybe I am being a boring old man wallowing in past pleasures. 

Monday, January 22, 2024

My life

This is an edited version of comment I left on a blog. Sometimes I spend too much time writing comments on blogs and I think this may have been one such occasion. 

I think back to the late nineties when we had the www and I still gardened, maintained things, was very social with friends and family and worked shift work, yet I found plenty of time for www. I would chat to people around the world, when such a thing was easy, explore the internet, hook up to put it bluntly and just enjoyed what it had to offer. As self taught about computers, I had a lot to learn too and I then became an advisor to friends who were new to the www. Then the same happened with mobile phones, where I was on the cutting edge and educated others. Now I know nuffin' and I'm often too busy being a retired person to do some very basic things. 

I rise at 7, watch YouTube clips on my tablet until 8. Shower etc and at 8.30 I turn on the pc. I answer blog comments from the day before, check spam, then start going through the rss feed of blogs I read where I make comments, then blogs where I don't generally make comments.  

R will appear at some point, usually after 9 and I don't like t\o type much then, so if the blogging isn't finished, too bad but there are usually only blogs to read by then. Then it is a quick look at Face Book followed by the electric newspapers. I may return to the pc for various reasons during the day, but normally briefly. At about 5.30 with my pre dinner wine at hand, I look at blogs again and make more comments and perhaps start a construction of a post for the next day. Break for dinner at 7 and back at the pc, like now as I type this. I will generally be here until bedtime at sometime between 10 and 11 unless a tv show really grabs me and I want to give it full attention (like the final series of Total Control). 

As Dr Alban sang at Fernsehgarten, It's My Life. 

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