Thursday, May 25, 2023

Simply the Best

I am home. Normal blogging will very slowly return. Being away from home for a month and returning to immediately having to sort out medical matters, tests etc, never mind the finances to sort out and a mountain of clothes washing, drying and food shopping. My ailing mother is still in the process of dying, according to her. In my absence as I read your posts, it was so tempting to comment, and I may have breached my no blog posts/comments when on holidays rule just once or twice. 

I am only posting this because Tina's death deserves five minutes of my immediate time. It is sad that she has died but from the music she has made, I am so happy to hear it all again all over the media. What a gal. It is interesting that she hasn't lived in America for decades. 

I kind of knew this but had forgotten that the dance to Tina's Nutbush City Limits is peculiarly Australian. It is a series of very repetitive dance steps and most Australians of my age and some years younger will vaguely, if not properly, know the steps. Gosh, I've completely forgotten how to dance the Macarena but the Nutbush dance was implanted into my life at a very young age. I can still ride a bicycle too. Piano playing, nah. 

Here are couple of clips I found on YouTube. Apparently the 'gorgeous young' of the  TitTok world has already rediscovered the dance and have published their struts online.

Well rehearsed spontaneity.

This is a little queer. I wonder why the tractor door needed such urgent attention? Maybe the answer is in the comments, which I haven't read. I quite enjoyed this clip. The lads move well and for once in a clip of the like, the woman doesn't dominate. Odd in a way. Such blokes don't unusually dance until they've had a drink or five.

Window Wankers

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