Sunday, October 8, 2023

Sunday Selections

I'm joining with Elephant's Child, River and others for Sunday Selections. 

The train is travelling at 60 km/h in one direction and the wind is blowing at 60 km/h in the other direction, which way is....forget it. 

It is a great photo. I love clean and green public transport. 

Remember my synagogue photo of the exterior lighting? I came across this photo of what it was like before. So ugly. 

Don't mix up the two.

A well worn beaten path in Kingsway at Sturt Street.

I heard a crunching of metal as a car drove over the island. While I am often unsympathetic to stupid drivers, if so many are damaging their cars by driving over this island, the road design is wrong. 

I can't remember what these birds were on our balcony. The white on the left of the less dominant bird makes me think they are Pied Currawongs. The photos are a bit creepy really.

I tried using my phone to listen to ABC Melbourne but it is not an instantly on thing like pressing the button on a radio. The volume down button on my old digital radio failed. I would battle it to raise the volume but it fought back well , taking the volume back down to zero. For some time I did win the battle but I didn't win the war and it eventually failed completely.  R severely lectured me, you are not poor. Just buy a new radio. Well it was well over ten years old, so I did for about $130. The radio has barely been changed apart from some cosmetics and instead of needing its own power plug, it can be now charged like a phone, except it is the old plug, not the latest. Its reception is no better, its operating system the same but its battery life is better. 

You can pick my wonky writing on our shopping list board. I wrote tissues and as soon as I stepped away from the shopping list board, I thought why did I wrongly spell cereal wrongly. I knew without checking I had spelt it wrongly. 

I'd been looking at becoming a more modern person with a rechargeable electric shaver rather than a plug in model. This was on sale at Aldi for $30 and on a whim I bought it. It came with a stand, which was hopeless. The blades don't spin fast enough and are inclined to pull the occasional hair rather than cut through it. It takes longer to shave and I have reverted to my old plug in shaver. However, it is not a total waste. I estimate its battery charge will last me two weeks at least and so it is great for short holidays, no need to take a the charger and it is also very light. 

I've seen this countdown clock before and I wondered what it was about. I discovered it was part of an art project that has ended but there was no reason to remove the active display. It is counting down days to 2030 where some important environmental target needs to be met. So important, I have forgotten what it was, and it won't be met anyway.

Hello cocky.

It is a bit chilly at the moment. Snuggle down and fluff up. 

Close to defining me but no guernsey. I don't like parties and I hate the waste of time caused by wafflers who go off on tangents during meetings. I don't wear pyjamas and remain dressed until I go to bed. I prefer small talk to deep discussions. 

We are away for a week or so. See y'all soon. 


This is my new jacket. With it being half French linen, it will never look perfectly pressed, and that is fine. It is for daily wear when I need a jacket and it not freezing cold. 

This is my older cashmere jacket that only comes out for weddings and funerals. I normally wear black but dark blue is ok. 

As you can see, there is little exciting about them. 

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