Saturday, October 22, 2022

Thanks for the chills dude

Who invented refrigeration? An Australian of course, one James Harrison. He was Scottish born, a large regional town newspaper owner, The Geelong Advertiser now a Murdoch paper, and a member of Victoria's upper parliamentary house called  the Legislative Council.

I had no knowledge of this and I was surprised when I came across this plaque somewhere in the north in the city. 

You can read more about him here. It isn't too heavy.

Don't we have a lot to thank James for? Now, time for a glass of chilled and crisp sauvignon  blanc. Cheers James.  Set to publish at 5am, so clearly not written at 4.50am.

Friday, October 21, 2022

Miracle Healing

Maybe my spinal arthritis developed symptoms in early 2020. I had xrays and a scan to discover what I had already been told. It was arthritis. The spinal problem meant something different to pain. It was very bad in the mornings between 9 and noon as I showered, dressed and went out for brunch. I was often walking along the street with my head falling forward. I had to consciously try to keep my head erect. The more I stood, the worse it became and I was always looking around for a seat with back to give me some respite. Driving was a nightmare and caused me great pain. In spite of R's protests about one handed driving on freeways, it was best to let my left arm rest down low. I did find ways to ameliorate the pain. At times in the mornings I struggled to even eat, such the effort it was. It was an effort just to move my jaw to chew.

I received five visits to a physiotherapist in 2021 at no cost to me from our health system as a sufferer of a chronic disease. She gave me massages and helpful advice. She prescribed exercises to strengthen muscles to support my spine and I think they helped and I am still exercising.

Painkillers like strong Panadol were like lollies and I didn't want to become addicted to them as Mother is. I used them when I was at my worst but just did not seem to help. After twenty minutes of showering dressing and making myself presentable for the day, most days I would have to sit in an armchair to relieve the discomfort. I could then stand and get my head up.

Was it four weeks ago we were dog sitting for Sister. Nothing had changed. When we returned home the really bad morning neck problems kind of disappeared to be replaced with with some kind of all over spinal pain. 

Oh joyous news. For whatever reason, I am pretty well pain free now. There is minor pain but whatever has happened, I am so happy. Highrise grumpy arse has even noticed how my posture has improved and I am moving better. My walking speed has improved too. 

But is this normal? Some of you I know suffer from arthritis. Is this a temporary reprieve as you have experienced? 

Thursday, October 20, 2022

Dirty Housewives

Confession; I have the view that if it can't be seen, it doesn't need a clean. Cleaning under large whitegoods appliances or furniture is only done when they have to be moved for other reasons.

While R dusts my minimal bedroom furniture, I  don't expect him to pull things apart to dust them, including this nest of tables. I had noticed the tables becoming rather dusty...very dusty. So I had to take the nest apart and give it a wash. No Andrew. Do not take the individual tables in with you when you have your morning shower. A bit more effort is required. For several months I procrastinated over what took half an hour. I spent more time thinking about doing it than actually doing it.

I half filled a bucket of very warm water with a light dose of liquid hand soap and got to work. The intricate bits at the side took some cleaning. I didn't clean the nest enough to put up for sale in an antique shop but it looks much better.

There was a time in three of our houses where we lived the nest was regularly used in our lounge rooms, pulled apart and used as side tables. That was back in the days when we were social and had friends. I had forgotten how beautiful they are. They are black lacquered and finely polished back to expose some of the... I forget, rose wood or cherry wood. I will clean them in another ten years.

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Stable Leadership

Italy was renown for changing leaders but other countries haven't done very well so what about 'more stable' western countries.

Let's look at home first since 2010. Australia has not done well with so many Prime Ministers. 

2010, Kevin Rudd/Julia Gillard (Labor)

2013 Kevin Rudd (Labor)

2013 Tony Abbott (Conservative)

2015 Malcolm Turnbull (Conservative)

2018 Scott Morrison (Conservative)

2022 Anthony Albanese (Labor)

Six in twelve years.

Canada. They're a bit like us but eat poutine.

Some many years ago Pierre Trudeau. Oh, then was there some other bloke or two? I can't remember since then until Justin (drool) Trudeau became PM in 2015. Wow, that is a long time stable government and leadership.

Ok, I will do it properly.

2010 Stephen Harper (Conservative)

2015 Justin Trudeau (Liberal)

The US leaders? 

2010 Barak Obama (Democrat)

2017 Donald Trump (Republican)

2021 Jo Biden (Democrat)

Why start at 2010? 

That is because that was the year England's Prime Minister David Cameron was Prime Minister.

2010 Gordon Brown/David Cameron (Labour/Conservative)

2016 Theresa May (Conservative)

2019 Boris Johnston (Conservative) 

2022 Liz Truss (Conservative)

Well, I thought there were more English PMs since 2010 but it seems not. Australia has the dubious honour of having the most leaders since 2010. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2022


The glass, not me, although at a replacement cost of over $900 plus retinting, it may be us who are broke too. What a pity we didn't break it ourselves! The building's insurance would have paid or our home contents insurance. R pointed out that the glass had cracked. I suggested it might be a scratch. I was just hoping in vain.

Over a few weeks the crack spread when early morning hot sun hit the glass. It extended even more after these photos were taken.

Can someone be both bombastic and nice? The big burly guy who came last Wednesday to measure up the replacement glass was both. He is in his early sixties and has worked in the industry for his whole working life. I may well have worked with his wife at some point in my life but her name meant nothing to me. 

He will return this coming Wednesday to install the glass with a young compatriot to assist with heavy lifting.  

Life is not easy at times when you have first world problems. 

As for my blog, I have been working on it and there had been so much to fix up, including my photo in my profile, WordPress re-creation and commenting ID. I have the same header photo with the new blog name made, but it doesn't fit well. I had the same problem when I first uploaded it as a header photo and of course I forget how I made it work. I'll get there but it will be simpler and less crowded with other stuffs.  

Monday, October 17, 2022

Monday Murals

Not much here at this blog! Third post and some rather ordinary mural photos from a St Kilda laneway. A good opportunity to get rid of them. Identify where it is if you know.

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