Monday, March 18, 2024

Monday Mural

Sami and others will join me for Monday Mural. This seems a little familiar, so maybe I've posted it before but it would have been on my old blog. The mural is in Richmond and the man in the middle of the photo seems to be aware I am taking a photo. 

We are away for a week or so. I look forward to engaging with you all when I return. What needs to be packed at the age of 67 is very different to packing at the age of 27. 

Sunday, March 17, 2024

Sunday Selections

I'm joining with River and others for Sunday Selections. They are photos taken I haven't used in posts before.

This is a sculpture in honour of former local councillor. It looked like it had a water feature and so with this photo I posed the question to a local Facebook group. Apparently it did and the water feature pump etc was replaced in about 2010. The water worked for a while but again failed and it hasn't worked for years. It's a pity but no one seems to care too much. 

There was a bit of ouch moment here for someone.

I don't know why these Yank Tanks were here but they do look grand. 

Now, that is one very busy Victorian balcony railing. But apparently not busy enough for the residents of this house. They had to add more.

I've seen this 'boy' performing for years. He and I assume his sister are terrific and wow, do the dollars roll into their collection plate. While you may think he is 9 years old, I think he is late teens. 

Melbourne's grand GPO, General Post Office. One would think that within there would be some kind of Post Office, but there isn't. There's an H&M and some small businesses. 

Still at the GPO, why were these lamps left next to the entrance steps?

A naïve young lad at the age of 16 may have visited the Liberated Book Shop and discovered plastic covered magazines with lots of photos of men liking men in a very special way.

The ever so interesting gambling, food and drinks venue Clocks at Flinders Street Station. We were there last night  (a couple of weeks ago) and I had Barramundi (fish) wings with rice and an Asian salad. 

I wonder what the quiet time involves in a supermarket? Muzak will be off but the 'fridge motors can't be turned off. 

Rather strange winter evening lighting. 

A busy hoarding and I have no idea where it is. 

A Citroen DS, rare to see on the roads now. In the second year of my motor mechanic apprenticeship a chap came into the garage where I worked and his Citroen DS had collapsed itself to the paving. This was not normal. It should be floating on air, and only elegantly and slowly sink. My boss asked me to have a look at it, but how could I see anything when it was flat on the ground? Being French, nothing was the same as Australian and English cars. Eventually I found the fuse box, and all was fine there. It was subsequently towed to the serious workshop staffed by one old man who did all the hard stuff with cars, like replacing motors and transmissions. It was a car of the time that I never drove, and I regret that. I drove all sorts of different and interesting cars, even if just from the parking area to a hoist. The veterinarian who looked after our farm cattle drove one and his had two headlights each side, one shining straight ahead and the other attached to the steering system and they showed where the car was turning rather than straight ahead. 

Reflected in the glass building next door, I can see if there is anyone on the tennis court, in the pool and in the spa. The solid roofed part is the gym, toilet, shower and sauna. 

Look at this trail of yachts. Why wasn't I told. This is an annual event that has been running for many years, where yachts race from Port Melbourne to Geelong. I'd never heard of it.

Bumping another car

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