Saturday, December 23, 2023

The social

Monday night was our annual building's Christmas barbeque and it was very nice. There was a decent amount of nice prawns on offer and I ate several but they did not seem so popular and there were quite a few left. Very strange and unusual. 

While we did mingle a bit we spent most of our time sitting with a friend a couple of floors down from us, a 75 year old woman whose husband is in care with dementia, but he is fortunately a happy person with dementia and while his care place is two hours drive away, he is near to his children. She is the longest term resident of the building, we are the second longest. That's quite something out of 128 apartments. 

We also sat with an Australian/Asian couple, who were both of a similar age to each other and to us. While she was obviously Asian looking, she speaks perfect Australian. They are nice people and she could speak Asian, maybe Chinese Malaysian to the young Asian couple who were at the end of the table who live on the same floor as they do. They seemed nice but what do people our age have in common them. We dutifully admired and cooed at their almost toddler Jason/Jayson/Jaysen/Jaysyn/Jay.

Thursday night was out to meet our Friend in Japan for an old style Chinese restaurant meal. It was lovely to see her again and an enjoyable evening out. She is spending Christmas in Lorne, an ultra busy seaside coastal town.

Friday night, we met up with my former workmate for some Indian food near his home. The food was, as always, delicious. I tried not to talk about work too much with R there but I probably failed. I wanted to hear the juicy gossip of who is ...who, and learn of the latest outrages perpetrated by management against my former workmates. And I thought it was bad when I left. One story was about someone who I remember, about sixty years old with a very Greek name, because he was Greek, was selling four Taylor Swift Melbourne concert tickets online for $300 each. I think the real price would be well over $1,000, but one of his workmates bought the tickets, only to learn later that George's FB has been hacked and a scammer had the $1,200. I am not sure about you, but my antennae would rise if I was buying pop concert tickets on FB from a sixty year old fellow employee Greek man. 

So, it was a busy enough week for us and now Christmas and family is almost upon us. 

Friday, December 22, 2023

A little controlled nature

This is a combo post. I visited the St Kilda Botanic Gardens once in early spring on my own and then late spring with R. I've combined the photos from two visits. There is never an off time in the gardens.

I never had much success growing poppies. They always seemed to bend and flop.

Rain Man is solar powered. The more sun, the higher the water flow. 

So green.

I missed the peak rose display this year.

I was a bit cross here. An older woman pulled of a rose bloom and separated the petals and then sprinkled them over, I assume her granddaughter, in this rotunda. She became aware of my intense interest and very pained expression from the bench where I was sitting.

Thursday, December 21, 2023

Tapping to fame

The American Irish Gardiner Brothers aren't the only male dancers who can tap very well. Check out these guys. Oh gosh, I just added forty lines of raw computer code. Will this work? It doesn't look like it to me. Try this,

Aren't they just so talented. The last performer ain't half hot. 

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Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Der'ed be a gay de're

We aren't unused to advertising towards the gay market but this poster is a bit different in that while both fellahs are nice enough looking, the front one is not a stereotypical gay guy. He isn't gym built and he doesn't wax his chest. Arm muscles are not evident.

Initially I thought the ad was clever enough, suggesting that you may not have a perfect body but if you buy our scent, you will be desirable.

I am not inspired to buy Inspire. On the odd occasion I use scent, I stick to my favourite by Isssey Miyake. While I may know almost everything, R told me how to apply scent, that is a couple of squirts into the air above you and walk through it. 

But is there more to this ad? Is it intentional to make him look pregnant, with his husband holding where a precious foetus is growing? I really don't get it. Your thoughts will interest me. And hey, I've written about the ad and shown you the picture. Advertising is working. 

Later edit: This link provided by Cathy explains what is going here.

Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Happy Holidays

I've already complained to Yarra Trams about public announcements and now I will complain about our ABC national broadcaster, tv, radio and the internet about the use of Happy Holidays instead of of Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

There is the blindingly obvious that many people are not on holiday, as you who are are served by someone in a restaurant or pay at a petrol station for your fuel. Happy Holidays is such a middle class wish, taking no account of those who serve you and collect your rubbish while you are having Happy Holidays. Lordy, in Australia there are poor and or lonely people who have a miserable Christmas and certainly no happy holidays.

After forty years of workplace Christmas parties with Buddhists, Jews, Muslims and Hindus and their children, I don't think any had an objection to the Australian cultural celebration of Christmas. Most Australians are not religious and Christmas fun is just our culture. 

Yet ABC with the political correctness (I hate using that term) of Happy Holidays, the ABC also has dinosaurs like McNamara who see no future for electric cars and questions whether electric storage batteries actually work. 

Jesus effing christ. It does my head in. Maybe I need to change to ABC Classic (music). Perhaps there I will be wished Seasons Greetings, which I will be quite happy with. 

Monday, December 18, 2023

Not Monday Mural

It's just a sign but a very famous neon sign at that.

Pellegrinis is a very well respected and popular coffee bar in Melbourne and opened in 1954 by two Italian immigrants, the Pellegrini brothers. It is said to have had the first Italian style coffee machine in Melbourne. Perhaps. Others claim the same honour. Its neon sign is very old and very much catches eyes when lit at night.

Initially its customers were Italian immigrants but it became part of the exploding Melbourne coffee culture and became very popular with many people.

The business was bought in 1974 by Nino Pangrazio and Sisto Malaspina. Tragically Sisto was stabbed to death out on the street when he intervened after two others were stabbed by as I recall, a man who had serious mental health and drug issues. He was shot dead by police. It was a shocking crime and Sisto was given a State Funeral, which is no small deal for as small business operator.

On the landing of our level is a photo of Pellegrinis interior. It is only meaningful to those who know Pellegrinis. The seats of the stools are red vinyl and it would have been nice if they could been red in the photograph while keeping it as black and white, but still it is a good photo.

Sunday, December 17, 2023

Lakes Entrance 2013

Some bloggers post photos from ten years ago and I kind of mean to that at some point. But this is a one off coincidence, taken ten years ago when we took a road trip, staying with a friend in Lakes Entrance and then visiting southern New South Wales. We stayed in motels along the way. It was a great holiday. 

Current resident of Lakes Entrance, Sparkling Merlot, rekindled memories of our boat trip to the Metung pub for lunch with lots to see and note while cruising along. There was an informative non recorded commentary by the captain.  Here are some photos from back then.

We took a break in Sale on our way to Lakes Entrance. A new roundabout had been built somewhere and our plug in sat nav device showed us driving way out in a paddock as we travelled the new roundabout. We were quite amused.

We checked out an art gallery recommended to us.

I am not sure if this was in Sale or Lakes Entrance. Actually, it was LE as we took a drive around the hills behind the town with our friend. We had a lovely seafood meal on a pontoon afloat on the lakes. 

I've no idea where these couple of photos were taken.

Lake Tyers. There was a man standing on the hotel roof trying to get a phone signal.

Some views from somewhere in Lakes Entrance, I think back west from the town. 

Strangely I never took a photo of the pub itself. I think this was the decking at the front.

Ah, I did take a photo of the pub.

Back in Lakes Entrance I think.

Every year a swan used to nest on a busy public footpath lakeside. Dogs on a leash would pass by without concern.

The gap at the top of the photo must be the entrance to Lakes Entrance.

A little bird feeding on our friends balcony.

The next day we left Lakes Entrance to visit the Buchan Caves. I have no idea where we went from there, but photos will tell the story.

Sydney Day 7, the end

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