Sunday, December 24, 2023

Nearly there

If you are near my time zone, it will be the eve of Christmas as you read this. If you're not, you probably should be tucked up in bed or thinking about it at least. It's time for some Christmas cheer that doesn't come in a bottle with some Christmas themed photos I've taken. I haven't been out and about too much of late on my own, but I plan to resume roaming the city in the New Year.

Acland Street, St Kilda.

Prahran Square.

Melbourne Town Hall for the next few.

Above the masses queuing to see the Myer Christmas. While we did see the Bluey animatronics display with our Friend from Japan, when we took Jo, the queue time would have been a couple of hours, so she didn't get to see it this year. I didn't think that much of the display myself. 

Oh yes, there is a religious connection to Christmas.

Federation Square.

Darls, it's a tram on a tv screen. There is no point in waving to the passengers.

Now a few from home.

Annual Christmas party across the road, not as big as in the past. This year the wait staff were all in pink full length aprons.

R's Christmas cake. It has had a weekly brandy feeding since it was made Cake fringe seem impossible to find now, so he had to make do.

He ummed ahhed about putting the tree up, as he has for the last couple of years but two weeks before Christmas, up it went.

Frosty would be thirty plus years old, as are most of our decorations. A tea candle is placed inside him and the light comes our of the star openings. We don't want smoked walls so we don't light him up every night.

We were a bit overwhelmed with flowers when Mother died, and none have reappeared since. R stopped buying the weekly flowers. I've not mentioned the matter. I think it may be grief related. R's three sisters sent this bunch for Christmas.

The light bulbs were painted? by Ex Sis in Law many years ago.

The reindeer were back but the volume had been turned down this year, so I didn't find them as good.

And how could we not celebrate without Kim Wilde, a little the worse for wear and her brother on a train, concluding with Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree.

We will be away for a week or so, staying in a seaside cottage near Sister's. It's going to be a rather different Christmas this year without someone who I have spent every Christmas dinner with for all of my life.

Merry Christmas and Season's Greetings to you all.

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