Saturday, December 24, 2022

Pleasing Photo

It doesn't happen too often but sometimes I am really pleased with a photo I have taken and this is one. The ravens are still flocking around, pausing on the cranes at 411 St Kilda Road, but thankfully not roosting too near us. Embiggen the photo to see it properly. 


Friday, December 23, 2022

Which country..

Often in tv quiz shows there is a question beginning 'In which country...'. America is accepted as a answer. Do you think that can be a correct answer if what I think it should be, United States? So I guess my question really is, can America be considered a country? 

If I was judge I would accept United States (of America), US and US of A.


The husband of one of our neighbour's has dementia. He is happy and focused on little and nothing problematic. Last time I saw her I suggested the four of us go out locally for coffee one day soon, and she readily agreed. I feel somewhat sorry for her but she does have plenty of family support. 

She has been a City of Melbourne tourist information volunteer for twenty five years but of course stopped because of you know what. She would like to return but the organisation is treating her like a new person, insisting on extensive training and teaching granny how to suck eggs. At over 70 years old, she is very unhappy at the lack of respect. I don't blame her.

I will send her an email, something along these lines. 

Hi H. 

I know I suggested we catch up for coffee but life has gotten in the way. I had some unexpected medical appointments, there have been so many pre Christmas catch ups with people and my mother has been in hospital for nearly two weeks. It has been hectic I feel guilty about not meeting up with you and B.

Did you attend the building's barbeque and drinks evening on the podium Monday night? I've heard quite a few attended and it was judged a success. In spite of asking R if we had a decent bottle of red on hand that morning to take, we both forgot about it until 6.30 and just could not muster the energy.

We will have that coffee catch up in 2023 and our very best wishes to you both for Christmas and the New Year.


A & R. 

Thursday, December 22, 2022

A nice dinner out

We met up with our Hairdresser Friend a couple of  Saturday nights ago. We battled the tram replacement bus one stop to where trams were running to get to Romeo's in Toorak. The walk home from where the tram stops is at least downhill but quite long. I thought car parking in Toorak Village would be difficult but not at all. There was plenty of parking. Should've taken the car rather than the crap Yarra Trams bus replacement service.

Romeo's opened 44 years ago and is still owned by the same family. Being in Toorak, I thought it would be shockingly expensive but it wasn't, just a bit more than average pub food prices. The food was terrific. The staff were terrific. It was so lovely sitting with our friend outdoors on the warm summer evening (shooting the shit? Talking the crack?) Discussing lots of things. 

We over ate and the desserts were too nice to miss. R ate more than I did and he did not eat again until the next night's evening meal.

Some low rise buildings in The Village have been demolished and a not so wonderful new building has replaced them.

There can be an occasion to use bad words. How fucking ugly is this new building! Not at all home with the low rise buildings and the mock Tudor street theme. 

But this echidna, spiny ant eater, street sculpture is rather nice. 

Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Street Art with a Difference

Though it was some twenty years ago I remember some of these art works. I did wonder at the time what they were about. Photos of them are on display at the small Melbourne's City Gallery. 

In 2002 French artist Invader visited Melbourne and left his art mark here. On their own, they don't make much sense but you can read how it worked at the City of Melbourne website.

Here are some snaps of the gallery display.

I remember this one.

This one too.

And this one.

Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Toenail Tuesday

My toenails needed trimming.  I am not really overweight but because of the poor arrangement of my body weight, I find it so difficult to cut my toenails. The last time I did so, I ended up with a bleeding toe.

Better left to the professionals. I bused/trammed/trained to Swan Street Richmond where I found a place to give me a foot spa and toe nail cut for $40. It was bit more than I expected. My toenails were nicely shaped, bits of skin trimmed away and it was a very nice job, except my toe nails will need cutting again very soon. I did entertain other staff and customers when the pedicurist hit a sensitive ticklish spot when rubbing my foot and I let out a shriek.  "Sir, would you like a manicure? Just $20 more."  Maybe twenty years ago I had a manicure and I didn't think it was very good.

I said yes to the manicure and again it wasn't very good. Some nails looked unevenly cut to me. In spite of shaky hands, I can manicure myself better. Two coats of clear something was applied at the end and my nails are quite shiny. I quite like my shiny nails. I noticed a young man this day noticing my shiny finger nails. I doubt I will have another manicure but certainly a pedicure and I will say how I want my toe nails cut.

But you know what a stupid old gay man is might do with a fingernail? He might grow his left hand little fingernail longer, as I have in the past, and paint it. I will do so before family Christmas gatherings. "Did you notice Auntie Andrew's black/blue fingernail?" 

The uncle/great uncle may be old and boring now, but he wasn't always and there is trace of that left.

I just read that in the US that a men painting one fingernail campaign raised half a million dollars to fund a group to stop physical abuse of children.

I quite like seeing younger men with painted nails. You may disagree. 

Monday, December 19, 2022

Musical Monday

This attractive enough young man performed most excellently. I remember bearded leather clad Tex McKenzie performing the same song in falsetto at the gay Laird O'Cock Pen hotel in Collingwood oh so many years ago.

This dude has it really down to a tee. 

Sunday, December 18, 2022


We are having lunch with Brighton Antique Dealer Monday. BAD will bring a friend. Of BAD's friends we have met many and they don't last but we have for a couple of decades. BAD is 87 and still great fun. 

I can hear Maggie Smith in my ears, 'a luncheon at a gambling venue at a railway station'. Yep, called Clocks. I have coffee there at least once a week.

Sunday Selections

I am joining with Elephant's Child and River for Sunday Selections. 

The usual muck up of photos I've taken over a period. I've been so busy with being retired, this is last minute created post.

Is the visitor to our balcony a turtle necked dove? I don't like cooing doves or pigeons. Like horses, I don't wish them harm, I just don't like them.

Man Hor? There is some foreign language understrike with the o, so I probably need to get my mind out of the gutter.

More floral displays at Melbourne Town Hall. This is nicely done. 

Shoes on a tram. I don't think you have to wear high heels to have glam shoes. The Southern Cross star tattoo concerns me. It is in on our flag but is now used by the extreme right wing filth. 

Degree of difficulty, 5/10. He had sweet looks. 

Degree of difficulty, 8/10. She was of Asian heritage and her boyfriend? was smoking hot.

Kris Kringle for adults at Christmas. I bought this for my nominated, Tradie Brother. It's a tin garden ornament and as well as being nice, the magpie is symbol for his Collingwood's football team. Made in that great Aussie magpie country, China.

The Tesla car showroom has closed in Elsternwick. No need to promote cars from the Muskiverse with a long electric car Tesla wait list. 

The pansies did well but twice a year a cruel decision has to be made and down the rubbish chute they go... I would bring them inside when the morning sun was hot and strong, which wasn't very often this year.

... to be replaced by Christmas petunias. The plant looks grand but is looking even better a couple of weeks after I took this photo. It will take over the balcony table. My twenty five of years of gardening experience, with Mother being an avid gardener and her father being a successful market gardener, I do seem to know how to keep a pot plant happy for the term of its natural life.

Bumping another car

I once had a bit of an inappropriate laugh when I read in the online Fiji Live electric newspaper that someone in Fiji was killed after two ...