Saturday, March 30, 2024

Returning to some home works

We had a lovely week in Sydney. Details and photos will follow, of course. We came home on Monday but it always takes me time to get my blogging mojo back. Photos take time to sort. I've broken the back of that but there is more to do.

The day after our return, a man arrived to service and alter our air conditioner. I think we paid top dollar for about 4.5 hours work, including the bracket and tray. Pictures tell the story. 

The unit sits in a stainless steel tray that holds the water the unit produces. On very cold winter days, this could be one and half buckets of water in one day, 15 litres, almost four US gallons and over 3 and 1/4  Imperial gallons.

The tray had an element to steam off water, rather like a kettle element. There is a water level sensor but it didn't seem to work very well. When we returned from Danube River cruise and visit to England in 2014, I turned on the computer but it did not work. The circuit had tripped. I switched it back on and it immediately tripped again. R said he heard a noise on the balcony. Sure enough. Another reset and R saw a spark in the evaporation tray. The element had broken. The unqualified electrician called Andrew disconnected some wires in the box at the bottom of the photo, and taped up the ends of the exposed wires. The next day the unqualified electrician called Andrew bought some proper live wire isolating caps. And it has been left there untouched since 2014. Subsequently the unqualified electrician Andrew had nine months of back pain from screwing in an awkward position. 

It took me a while to find this twin D battery powered aquarium pump that cost only $20. In the interim I used a soft plastic bottle, originally a shampoo refillable bottle, to suck up the water and dump it into a bucket. I think this is the fourth pump (including the spare I have put away). They are not made to last, especially if not used for months on end. I would pump the water from the tray into a bucket and then tip the water down my toilet. In hot times the air con would be blowing out hot air as I pumped out the water, but worse, in winter when the unit produced the most water, I was blasted with cold air from the unit. Look, it was fine as I monitored what was happening below, but will I be able to do this when I am very old? Should I be lucky enough to be quite old at least, I think not.

The old tray contained some cigarette butts, I guess fallen from above and with white filter paper rather than brown, indicating they were cigarettes Asian people smoke, and also a child's sock and  with muck.

The unit is elevated now with a small steaming tray below with a superior float activation system rather than a water level sensor. It also has a 'Power On' light and a 'Heating' light.

"But what about the mess Charlie?" It wasn't a case of  'I'm No Mess Charlie". We cleaned it up ourselves. It was just a dirt built up under the old tray. 

Being elevated, the barbeque gas hose will no longer reach the gas bottle, so we have to buy a longer hose. But Household Management declared the air fryer might be good enough to cook steak and lamb chops, and do away with the messy barbeque. We shall see. The front of the unit has started to rust and corrode. I think when there are strong southerly winds with big waves, we do get a mist of salt laden sea spray.

Friday, March 29, 2024

Easter gratuitousness

I've heard that Jesus might look dark skinned but also it has been suggested he might have looked Arabic with a sallow skin colour.

I am not sure I would worship Jesus, unless he looked like Madonna's ex Jesus Luz. He has style, he has grace. Jesus Luz gave good face.

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