Thursday, December 1, 2022

Little M's visit Pt 2

It must be a month ago when Little M visited, but here is a wrap of what we did.

We took her the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, ACMI. Children love it as there are many interactive displays where they can play with things. Adults seem to like playing with the same things. Some old dude is reflected in the beginning of the video. Sorry about that. The Zoetrope works simply by spinning and strobe lighting. Brilliant and fascinating.

Then it was a visit to Sandpark where there is a marvellous machine to amuse Auntie Andrew whereby you turn a heavy wheel to pump out water into a sluice with a gate you can leave open or closed to cause a build up of water. Release the water and it flows into a large dish before emptying onto the sand. If you pump enough water, it will flow and dam on the sand. Otherwise it quickly soaks in. Unfortunately some kids put sand in the machine which annoys me no end. We were close to two cruise ships at Station Pier, but the less said about the disease ridden cruise ships at the moment, the better.

Once home it was swim time. R is in the spa and Little M underwater having just taken a dive.  

We took Little M home and had a few minutes to wait before her mother returned from work. Across the road is this very curiously un-Australian house. I can't find any information about it aside from sold prices. It looks American to me, somewhat barn like.


  1. It does look like an American barn although barns don't have chimneys.

  2. Your time with Little M sounds wonderful - for you all. And yes that house is definitely unusual. Not enough windows for me - though it may be lighter inside than it looks, but two windows on the side seems inadequate...

  3. Can I please come and have a visit with you? Have been reading your blog for a few months and I must say you are both marvellous entertaining little ones, anyone for that matter, exceptionally kind. Marie, Cheltenham (Vic)

  4. What fun. I bet Little M loves visiting you two. The house does look American barnish.

  5. The barn looks interesting itself. I would love to find that barn myself some time

  6. The Sandpark sounds interesting. Which suburb is that in?

  7. Sound like a wonderful time for all.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  8. No wonder the littlies love their Uncle R and Auntie Andrew. You spoil them rotten. As is your right and raison d'etre.
    I cannot believe that people are still boarding those plague ships

  9. That flickering Zoetrope would give me a headache, and my brother would have an epileptic seizure. I watched a couple of seconds and can see how kids would love it.
    I'm wondering if all the cruise lines are plagued by covid or just the "Princess" line? The original was the Ruby Princess and the recent one also a Princess, Majestic I think?
    That house does look odd.

  10. You had some fun with the little one. No more visitors now staying!


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