Thursday, January 12, 2023

Royal Coats

Was it a royal march in Sandringham to church on Christmas Day? 

The royals were perfectly turned out in stunning coats that must have each cost hundreds of pounds. Their coats were just so perfect. This photo is clearly not 2022 or the year before hatred and nastiness cane it the fore.


What's her name...Mary? William's wife. She stands out in the photo above. Sparkle looks like she is attending a funeral but in spite of her we are all playing happy family visage. I remember now, Kate.....Middle...Middleclass. 

Here we go. I think this is the 2022 Christmas walk to church. A perfectly turned out rich aristocratic English royal family. Just you wait Mary Poppins, just you wait.

 The phrase, 'I'll just get my coat' was de rigueur in English tv shows in the 1990s if a woman was requested to leave home. Earlier years might have been 'hat, scarf, coat and gloves'. 

I have a nice work supplied woollen coat but it has my place of employment identified on the coat. It is dark blue and perhaps I should take it to a tailor to remove the work place identifier. I am not sure it is a good cut as I've never worn it or even looked at it, but I am sure it will keep me warmer in winter. I really felt the cold last winter. I should pull it out from under its plastic covering and take a look at it. 

Aside from the ghastly puffer jacket longer coats, generally we don't wear long coats in Australia. Jackets and short coats to keep our central body core warm are adequate. 

Right, I think my overcoat will go some charity shop. Just a little more Swedish death cleaning done.  

I shouldn't ignore the elephant in the room, the spoilt, rich, whining, and whingeing English brat. It is good that so much of his teenage like immature whining is getting out there in the media. No need to buy the Spare's book at all. 'Nobody likes me. Everybody hates me. Guess I'll go and eat some worms'. I can understand that he may have been traumatised by his mother's death, as any young child would be, but I just wish he would just bugger orf and burn his pale skin in California. 


  1. I am so over the Royal Family. And particularly the whinger and whiner. I don't do coats. I haven't worn one since I went to Antarctica in 2004.

  2. Just a bunch of brats got nothing to do but play backstabbing one another. Their coats are indeed very nice to own

  3. You are right, Andrew. Those coats are stunning. I love coats:)
    I've never understood the need to air family laundry to the world.

  4. I'm not sure how I feel about that whole situation. I find the whole concept of royalty to be ridiculously dated, and so don't much care if his antics is hurting the royal image. But I sure don't feel sorry for Harry because he's not truly rebelling against royalty, just his place in it, which is that of the second born. Mother Nature did that to him, not his father or brother.

  5. The thing I hate is all the complaining about leaders and weaponizing the press. Hellllllllloooo, kettle...

  6. Now I have that song in my head! ... big fat juicy ones, long thin slimy ones, itsy bitsy fuzzy wuzzy wooooorms.
    I love winter coats and heavy jumpers but it never gets cold enough here.
    The Ginger Whinger has gone from being controlled by his birth family to being controlled by his wife. If the media paid them less attention it would all be over now.

  7. He is beginning to sound like a real PITA……scrape the lid on many families- brothers fight, dislike fathers, sisters in law dislike each other. ‘It’s not fair’…‘I’m telling on you’ . For all his faults I bet HM The King would just like to ‘knock your bloody heads together’ (quoting my mother, who used that phrase quite often on her 3 daughters) Grow up’ is what I yell each time this ‘rubbish’ comes on the tv.

    1. And (from what I’ve read) I believe the King has owned that particular coat for many years. Quality not quantity!

  8. If I were to interview Prince Harry, I would listen to all of his whingeing about his own family and I would respond with "Yeah... Yeah... Yeah... Whatever!" before digging around with this question: "Okay your royal highness. We have listened to you. Now can can we think about you. You have commented on the foibles and mistakes of others but what about you? What mistakes did you make , mistakes for which you cannot blame your father or your brother or anybody else? What did you do wrong?"

  9. I have to wonder why the Great Britain Royals are watch. But other countries has royal family and one hardly every here about them.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  10. I don't think his immature whining should be out in the media. As far as I'm concerned that should be kept between himself and his therapist. the media and book releases are Ms Pikelet's doing. See how she possessively grips Harper's arm?

  11. Since Britain has a lot of cold weather, plain coats in one colour are perfect public outfits - smart, simple and respectful. I have only owned leather jackets in Australia, but living in Europe for years gave some us some insight into their lifestyle.
    "Spare" is an irrelevant book because we should be independent of the royal family here, a Parliamentary republic in the British Commonwealth.

  12. I used to have a wool peacoat, came down to about mid-thigh, but I left it in New York and here in London I don't have anything longer than a jacket. It's just not cold enough. (Despite what the royals tell us!)

  13. I have one long coat, I wear it once every other year or so. Harry has found a way to make a living.

  14. It's quite disgraceful that Harry is "washing his dirty laundry in public". Someone of his standing should know better! I won't be watching his Netflix interviews or buying his book for sure!


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